New Beginnings

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One of the least helpful responses I've ever received to the question: "What if the problem isn't coming up with ideas, but finding ways to motivate yourself to actually finish the novel once you've started?" was from one of my creative writing professors. She said, "Well, aren't you lucky? Some of us have to work hard for our ideas."

Which, in the end, kind of ended up answering my question, albeit in a bizarrely confrontational fashion. At the end of the day (because seriously, that's the only time I ever get to write), it's up to me to figure out my own process. And it's time I quit putting off my dreams because being stubborn about achieving them just sounds like too much work. I've decided to remember that when you're really enjoying what you do, and when you feel really strongly about your goal, work doesn't have to feel like a punishment. It can actually be fun! No, really--I've read all these rumors from totally reliable sources on the internet about this particular phenomenon. Like, um, these guys.

And if there are no shortcuts or easy answers (and I think this only because I have yet to find any, but if someone's willing to share, please don't be shy), there are certainly bribes and vaguely public humiliation. The carrot AND the stick method, if you will. So I have rewarded my renewed commitment to publishing with some super pretty new writing toys (Hello, Scrivener!) and a blog.

So...here we go! *deep breath*



Oh, commenting. Why are you being a PITA?

I love your site and I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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