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I'm working on not feeling guilty when it turns out I'm not superwoman.  If I'm trying really hard to do everything because I don't want to miss out on anything, it makes sense that I'm going to let a few things slide.  It turns out the things that didn't make it onto my to-do list were vacuuming and blogging.

So... whoops.  I only really regret the blogging part, though.  I think I dislike vacuuming even more than the cats do.  I mean, I must, if I'm willing to do dishes instead.

But what I have done in the meantime was go on a weekend trip to Vegas, attended the Lake Arrowhead film festival, participated in a dancing flashmob, attended the premiere of Letters to Juliet, went to another Hollywood party (where I got fun SWAG like a pretty bracelet and a gift certificate for a haircut -- which cracked me up since I'd finally gotten a trim the day before, after growing my hair out for six months), and write.  Because the magical thing is, somehow by getting out and doing stuff, it made it so much easier to come home and write.

By deliberately not sitting in front of my computer, I was only more jazzed to get back to it.  I guess I just needed to replenish the creative well, but I also find that the more active and busy I am, the easier it is for me to get more stuff accomplished (I have the overachiever gene, and that's okay!).  Real life also manages to surprise a person and buck my expectations, and that, even if it's completely unrelated to my WIP, has a way of not only making me laugh, but also of knocking me out of a writing rut because I'll look at a problem in my story a little differently too.

So here's what I've learned: It's not only okay to have fun and leave my manuscript at home for a little while, it's actually a really good thing.  And I'm okay with it!

(Above: Good times in Montmartre - stop and ride a merry-go-round, it's good for you; right: snow in late April, in Southern California, at the Lake Arrowhead film festival.  Why yes, I was wearing heels and a sundress...and after we played in the snow, I totally solved a thorny problem with a main character's motivation.  Which was like some sort of fancy Christmas gift with purchase of unexpected winter.)

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