Squick I Didn't Even Know I Had

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I recently saw Cirque du Soleil's Love, the Beatles show, and discovered something about myself: ladies dancing with fake pregnancy bellies kind of freak me out.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Cirque du Soleil.  I was one of the only people to watch, let alone miss, Fire Within.  I thought the show was fantastic and lovely, yet completely different from O, which was phenomenal.  I am a former (not particularly competitive) gymnast.  I took several trapeze classes (just three because I seriously sucked at it -- stay with me, I'm going for full disclosure here).  I mean, I'm a dancer.  I love that whole scene.  And I certainly have nothing against pregnancy in any way.  Some of my very favorite people on the planet have been pregnant at some point, including my mom.  I have even had occasion to dance with pregnant women, in classes and at parties.

But last night's Glee just brought it home.  Where one dancer with a fake belly is unnerving, multiple dancers with fake pregnancies seriously freak me out.  It hits my uncanny valley repulsion sensor with a decided vengeance.  Fake pregnant women don't move like pregnant women.  They have a different center of gravity.  This is easier to mask when a faker is wearing a better, more all-over pregnancy disguise, but when it's just the belly that juts out and allows the dancer to move in ways that defy physics?  It's unsettling.  And I don't like it.  And I really seriously hope this isn't some bizarre new trend in entertainment.  Because it's really creepy.

So there you have it.  Ladies, if you have a fake pregnancy, please refrain from dancing.  I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

(P.S. Love's Lady Madonna? I'd also like to know why your fake belly was so shiny.  That was weird and rather distracting during the show.  Thanks!)



that shiny belly is freaking me out and it's not even dancing

I really enjoyed your revelation that some of your favorite people have been pregnant and that you included your Mom. And yes, even someone as advanced as me in life gets to say - LOL!

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