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Okay, I just got home from my fifth event of the week, and I'm rather partied out, I think.  I'm at the point where nothing sounds better than comfy pajamas, snuggly kitties, and a nice stack of books.  Though to be fair, that plan ALWAYS sounds good to me.  Anyway, sorry I didn't get to this recap sooner.

Basically, premieres, like most Hollywood parties, take a LONG time, but this one in particular really took forever.  I left work around 2:00, ate something (which was really smart), got dressed, and then met my friend Edyta at her house to do hair and makeup.  By the time we finally got through the traffic and arrived downtown, it was about 5:30. 

Now, this shindig was huge, and there were a lot of people everywhere, but it was definitely not the best organized event I've ever been to.  By the time they finally located our tickets and got Edyta to the red (actually black) carpet, it was around 6:30.  While she did that, I hung out with the swarm of publicists and took pictures as I waited for her.  There was basically a sea of people in every direction, and most were pretty psyched, giddy, and quite loud.  Which was rather fun. Excitement's definitely contagious.

By the time we got inside the theater, it was about 7:00, which was when the movie was originally scheduled to start.

There was plenty of that chewy popcorn that is kind of gross, but also kind of addictive, like the kind that comes in those decorative tins at Christmas.  That was being served in Eclipse-themed novelty cups, and sodas were available.  And that was the only food to be had in the theater.  You also weren't allowed to leave if you wanted to come back inside.  So I ate a lot of chewy popcorn. Finally scored an Edward on the third cup.

Inside the theater they had three screens, and the two on either ends were showing the people still doing the red carpet outside, namely the stars, as well as clips of people arriving earlier in the day.  And I have to point out that Rob was the first of the big three to arrive, around 6:10 or so, and he was gamely signing autographs until they all finally entered the theater (around 8:30).  That's a lot of signatures, guys.  I also enjoyed the effect some enterprising cameraman had achieved of blacking out the moon that was visible between two buildings, creating an eclipse with some pretty epic Photoshop skills.  Terribly funny the first time I saw it.  Still pretty amusing the 327th time they showed it.  Once the stars were hustled inside, they finally showed the movie to a pretty responsive crowd (read: LOTS of cheering and giggling).

Once the credits rolled, we hiked across the street to the after party, which was pretty amazing.  In the outdoor section, they had about ten sandbox-size samples of the sparkle meadow, which pretty quickly became my new favorite thing on the planet.

Since it was about 11:00 pm at this point, we were starving, so we were definitely looking around and admiring everything, and it was all really spectacular, but our real focus was finding the food.  Inside, they had recreated the mountains and the full moon, including snow and trees, complete with the occasional flurry of snow, they had a number of ice bars, and most importantly, a lot of little buffets set up.  But the best part was that they went for a HS cafeteria theme with the food, meaning little cartons of milk and those segregated trays, and lots of delicious comfort food that you'd find on any high school menu, like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, french fries, fried chicken, etc.  Just, you know, actually good, as opposed to what you'd find in said random high school.  Personally, I couldn't have been more thrilled at the decision to forgo fancy haute cuisine, since I might actually be the world's pickiest eater.  Dessert, of course, offered up some candied apples, but also a sundae bar, some sort of ice cream treat, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and a brownie pudding.  It was all intensely awesome.

After we ate and were feeling friendly again, we did a tour around the inside, chatting people up and taking pictures.  Amusingly, most of the people there were women, as very few guests felt compelled to bring their husbands/boyfriends, since Twilight is obviously best enjoyed with your gal pals.

Rob Pattinson, by the way, was still swarmed by a long line of people wanting to chat, take pictures, and or get him to sign something.  Definitely the most in-demand guest, from what we could tell.

Since by this point it was around midnight, we decided to take a few more pictures with the sparkle meadow and call it a night.  It was terribly fun, but also a really long day.  I finally fell asleep around 2:30 by the time I got home.

As for the movie itself, I'm a bigger fan of the movies than the books, since I think Melissa Rosenberg is basically an adaptation genius.  She's somehow able to remain extremely faithful to the books, while also significantly increasing the inclusion of a plot, and losing many of the moments that made me extremely angry in the books.  I'd say this particular movie is probably the most action-oriented one so far, while still focusing on the romance.  There were a couple of scene transitions that felt a little odd to me, but overall, I have to say it was pretty good (minus the Edward/Seth werewolf fistbump, which would've been just too much awesome if they'd included it, I suppose).  If you go in expecting Eclipse, that's pretty much what you walk out having witnessed, so I'd say it was a success.  For those curious, here's a really spot on review from Variety.



Great pics! I love your dress. It sounds exhausting, but I would think a once in a lifetime experience for a lowly minion like me. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Oh and I guess you didn't drink anything since once you left the theater you couldn't go back. Yikes! LOL

Freakin' awesome. And I love your profile pic! Who's your photographer?! :-)

Sounds like you had so much fun! Wish you could have taken a picture in the sparkly meadow. Way to let your readers down. Now I'm getting edgy.

Elizabeth: Thanks! The dress sparkled, which I felt was appropriate, but all that beading against my arms eventually got really irritating. :) And you're hardly a lowly minion! (Haha. They let us out of the actual theater room, just not the building. We were free to wander around inside.)

Natalie: My photographer is multitalented. She was also my stylist and horticulturalist. Sadly, that bamboo has now died because I'm not the greatest at keeping plants alive. Luckily, animals are MUCH easier.

Liz: Apologies. I wish I knew how to make it up to you. Perhaps a picture after a nice sweaty hike, so we look like we're sparkling, of course, while laying in the grass?

Also, Natalie, do you feel left out amongst all these Elizabeths? Sorry, it's unintentional.

What fun! Thanks for sharing the glamor with us. You look gorgeous! :)

Thanks, Linda! I was experimenting with blue eyeshadow, which was perhaps not the wisest course or time to do it, so I really appreciate the thumbs up. :)

Girl...you looked awesome.

So glad you had a great time.

Aww, thanks, Kelly! It was very fun. Despite how hungry I was, I would totally do it again. I am that selfless. :)

hey you won on my blog contest for the 250 business cards. Just so you know I am passing your info on to RLD, Inc. and they will be contacting you.

Thank you so much, Lily! I received an email from them yesterday, and I'm super duper excited. Thanks for running an awesome (AND COLORFUL :^D) contest!

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