Why Not?

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Warning: The following may contain spoilers for Legion. Not for the plot, because I'm still not particularly clear about what was going on, but for selected moments.

One of the hardest things for me to do, and I suspect for a number of writers, is to turn off my inner editor.  It's really easy to agonize over one word when writing, or a small element that, let's be honest, probably won't even make it into the final draft.  And it's incredibly easy to get stuck on fixing the work I've already done rather than continue forging ahead because if you let yourself dwell, you become afraid that everything is complete crap and you get discouraged.  None of it's worth doing, look at how much it needs to be fixed, I cannot show this to anyone else, etc.  I know better, and I know most writers know better, but the trap is still there.  If I knew anything about golf, I suspect I could make a good hazard metaphor right about now.

However, I was watching Legion with my best friend and her boyfriend last night, and we were giggling, as you do, and questioning everything we didn't understand.  Which was pretty much everything, honestly.  It didn't make a lot of sense.  I'm still kind of convinced a random dog was knifed at the beginning, just because.  And after endless rounds of, "What?  But... um. Hmm.  Wait.  WHY?" I started to wonder, WHY NOT?  There's a kind of engaging energy to the whole movie once you embrace the Why Not vibe, and don't look for any answers (because believe me, they aren't forthcoming).  Why not have the ceiling randomly start bleeding?  Why not have angels with high-tech collars that are magically (bluetoothed?) connected to their wings?  Why not make this an angel zombie movie?  Why not make Paul Bettany take his shirt off?  Why not?  It looks cool, it's awesome, it doesn't have to make sense.  Most importantly, those things are fun.  First drafts should be too!  There's no limits to what you can do.  No rules.  You can do anything at all that you can dream up.  So why not?

Besides, answers are for sissies.

And second drafts.



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