Being Awesome, Flash Mob Style

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So my best friend and I have this symbiotic relationship where we fully support each other's awesomeness, and being more awesome, and doing awesome stuff.  Essentially, we are committed to enabling awesomeness within each other.  Because we are so dedicated to this idea, we've been doing some fairly hilarious things lately, like flash mobbing.  If you've never seen a flash mob, check out this one, which is one of my very favorites:

So you get the idea, right?  Basically a group of people "spontaneously" start dancing and then wander off.  I LOVE flash mobs.  I watch almost as many of them as I do cat videos on YouTube.  So when my BFF learned about a flash mob featuring songs by Lady Gaga (whom she adores), we were all over it.

Despite some disorganization in the prep and rehearsal process, the first one turned out pretty darn awesome, I must say.  You can see me at the 3:25 mark and my BFF at the 4:27 mark. She's wearing a white hoodie because she's crazy smart and wanted it to be easy to spot ourselves in the crowd.  We're in the bottom left in the aerial shots:


P.S. I have no idea where that camera was.  Despite appearances, it really was not all up in my grill.

A couple weeks later, we received an email offering us the opportunity to reprise the awesome at a top secret Hollywood party.  Figuring we already knew the choreography and that there would be free food, we figured why not?  And that is how we came to be part of the flash mob at the Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards honoring Sylvester Stallone.  Sadly, the video of that event is NOT awesome, so I won't inflict it on you guys.  But it was still fun to do, and we DID walk away with this awesome picture, so it was totally worth it:

What have you done lately just because it's awesome?



Loved seeing you on the flash mob vid! Both you and your crazy-smart BFF with the furry white hood looked truly fab. Wish I could have been there...

thank you for showing all of us that awesomeness is within all of our grasps. btw, you're awesome for writing this awesome blog post about being awesome.


How cool is that. Looks like a lot of fun.

Jeffe: Next time! Seriously, they're really fun.

Liz: You're awesomely welcome.

Mom: AWESOME. That or "interesting" might actually by my favorite word.

Kelly: It was really cool! Find one nearby, go for it. It's surprisingly fun.

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