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Okay, so I've been winning a lot of books lately (all the RomCon books totally count because I won the tickets for that too), and so I think it's time I share the wealth.  The box of books from the conference has finally arrived and what that means for you guys is: A contest!  Whoo!  I have a number of doubles, so I think the best option is to do one grand prize (that'll be this entry) and then a number of smaller prizes over the next few weeks.  Because to be perfectly honest, I'm awful at getting to the post office and shipping things.  So let's not test me all at once with that.

What's the prize?  Why, it's some fancy loot from RomCon, including but not limited to the things pictured below.  There will likely be a few extra surprises in there:

- Laura Kinsale's The Prince of Midnight
- Laura Kinsale's Uncertain Magic
- Laura Kinsale's Midsummer Moon
- Laura Kinsale's Seize the Fire
- Brenda Novak's The Perfect Murder
- Jeaniene Frost's Destined for an Early Grave
- Kristan Higgins The Next Best Thing
- Linda Lael Miller's McKettricks of Texas: Tate
- Judith Arnold's Meet Me in Manhattan (Advanced Reader's Copy)
- Samhain Publishing T-shirt
- RomCon 2011 mouse pad
- RomCon pen
- RomCon tote bag

To make it the most fair for people who are already followers, and who have assured me they're totally cool with me just giving them the prize, I think we'll go with a points system.  So, here's how to snag some points to enter:

1. Leave me an email address in the comments of this entry at which to contact you if you win. This one's important, guys.  And the only step that's actually required. (+1 point) [Note: If you feel uncomfortable leaving your email address, just let me know an alternative method of contacting you. Like Twitter DM or something.  That's a perfectly acceptable substitute.]

2. Follow this blog. (Already a follower? +2 points!! New follower? The link's in the column to the right. +1 And hey, welcome!)

3. Follow me on Twitter. (Already a follower? +3 points! If you're new? +2)

4. Tweet this contest. (+1 point - I'll go with the honor system here. You don't need to provide a link.  But you can do this step as many times as you like.  No, really, you can.  Don't let me limit you.)

5. Blog about this or otherwise write something getting the word out. (+2 points!)

6.  Add up all your points for me. (+1 point)

That means you can have a max of ten entries/points in the contest, or a minimum of one.  Make sense?  If you do something that's worth more points, cool!  Delete your earlier comment with your old points total, and make a new comment with your new points total.

By entering into the contest, you agree that you are over the age of 13.  Also the contest is limited to the continental United States (Sorry, Territories. And international friends.).  Contest opens now, and ends Friday, August 6th, at 5:00 pm PST.



Cool RomCom swag! :)

My email: linda(dot)grimes(at)gmail(dot)com (+1)

I just followed your blog. (Huh. Thought I already was, but apparently not. No matter. I am now!) (+1)

I already follow you on Twitter. :) (+3)

Will go tweet about your contest. (Even if it means more competition for me. I'm big that way.) (+1)

Will blog about the contest. (+2)

Added up points. (+1)

Total: 9 points!

Now, off to go tweet. Blog to follow later. :)

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Crap! I'm a doof! I messed up! lol

my address lastword0524 (at) yahoo (dot) com +1
just followed your blog +1
I already follow you on Twitter +3 (is a little sad cuz I thought me and a couple others already won :( that's okay...i'll win ALL this myself! lol)
will tweet about it +1
I learned how to add in school...er I'm not telling which grade though ;) +1

total = 7

Came over from Linda's blog where she posted about your contest!

New follower +1
Will follow on twitter +3

will friend you on Goodreads (does that count? Never mind I'll do it anyway!)

Will tweet about it +1

Adding: 6 points total

Karen, it didn't even occur to me to add Goodreads into the mix! I literally joined this week because I liked the idea of a picture reminder of all those books I keep meaning to check out, but haven't yet because they haven't been released. I haven't even thought about making friends over there. Anyway, welcome! I agree, Linda's blog is fun.

Well, I did it all: tweeted (twice - 2 pts) FB (once - 2 pts?) tagged on as a blog follower (1 pt), blogged about your contest (2 pts), and am now following on Twitter (2 pts). I was about to leave my email address (1 pt) when I reread the entry details and realized my Canuck status leave me in the cold. Oh, well, had fun right up to that point. Nice to meet you. And thanks Linda G for the link. *s*

Haha, aww, I'm so sorry, Deborah! I'll try to be more liberal with the smaller prize packages. Right now it's just a big box and I was scared of international shipping. My apologies for being a chicken.

I have been with you from the beginning so I should get extra points for that alone. Of course I realize you are going to keep it fair, which totally sucks, I deserve to win way more than Linda!

Okay, now I have to do the math. I am getting a headache already.

You can DM on twitter if I win. That is +1
Already follow your blog +2
Already follow you on twitter +3
Tweet about this contest +1 (already did but will be doing again tomorrow when I mention it on my blog and link to it as well.)
Will blog about it tomorrow for you +2
And the extra point I get for adding them up +1
My total is...wait for it...10

In advance I will say thank you and I am keeping my fingers crossed.


To Deb -- Sorry! But at least you had fun. :)

To Kelly -- Ha! You wish. No one deserves to win more than I do.

To Elizabeth -- Isn't there some sort of extra credit for being the first one to leave a comment? That ought to be worth a couple of points. ;)

You want me to do MATH in order to enter this contest, that I already supposedly won?! I'm a writer, babe! Words are my thing, not numbers. LOL

OK, I have a total of 8 points. The only thing I didn't do was blog about your contest. My e-mail address is thewriterrevived@gmail.com

I follow you on twitter.
My email is pattyblount3 at gmail dot com.
I'll retweet for you... I think I'm up to what 5?

Woo hoo!

Hey, lookie there at all the cool prizes! Those Laura Kinsale ones are from my own wonderful publisher (Sourcebooks, Inc.) WANT!!!

1) tawnafenske at yahoo dot com

2) Can't believe I wasn't already a follower, but I am now.

3) Already a Twitter follower!

4) Just tweeted the contest.

5) Will try to work this into the blog tomorrow.

6) Crap, you're going to make me do math? OK, fine. Looks like the tally will be 9 (assuming I mention it on my blog tomorrow).

Good luck!

authorlolasharp at g mail dot com-1
New Follower--1
Twitter follower-2
Blog-2 (http://sharppendullsword.blogspot.com)

Thanks for the contest. :)

daisyharriswritesATgmailDOTcom: +1
Follow blog: +1
Follow on Twitter: +3
Tweet: +1
Blog: (my brother won't let me blog till he's done with design. But when he's done, if the contest is still going on.)
Add up points" +1

7 so far. I'm gonna try for 9 though!

LindaG this is not about you but me. I am going to win because I have blogged about it and I have tweeted it until my tweeter stopped working. (Did I just write that?) Besides, if I win, I promise to share with you. How is that?

Kelly -- Oh, geez. You're going to get all nice and offer to share? This is just a clever ruse to make me look bad, isn't it? Well, you know what? I can be big! I can share, too! If I win, I'll share with you. So there. ;)

Well, hello! I'm new here, but I've been back-reading... does that get me any extra points? No, thought not! I've got six points through tweeting, following on twitter and here, leaving my email address AND counting up my points for you :) My email address is scatkinson(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks so much!

Hi, Suze! It totally gets you a bunch of feel-good karma points. Does that help?

Kelly and Linda: Please do continue fighting, as it's making the probably ill-advised three-week deadline more entertaining. Thanks!

Hold on -- haven't I won this thing yet? It would help if the rest of y'all would just back out now. ;)

Yeah, I'm regretting the end date I picked. I thought I'd be less organized. Instead, I just really really want that box off of my living room floor. Hmm. Would anyone be sad if I bumped up the end to the 30th? (Because then I could start giving away the other stuff sooner... )

No - not sad at all :) Especially if it means more goodies sooner rather than later!

...but that's just me...

Thanks, Suze! Just for that, you can pick the next contest: do like historical or paranormal or contemporary?

Yippeeee! But, good grief what a choice to have to make!

Well, I'm a transplanted Brit, so I'm all about history... BUT, I'm also fervently consumed by paranormal (or wish I was, bwa ha ha). So tricky. OK... On balance, historical has it... and thanks for letting me choose :)

Can't wait to see what the contest is related to!

Excellent choice! I think you'll like it. And just for that, we can do paranormal immediately after. I think it'll be a 3 day contest, no more of this 3 week nonsense. Where in Britain are you from? (Note that I've only been to the following: London, Cambridge, Bath, and Edinburgh, so any geography lessons would probably need to reference one of those cities.)

Well, I've been to London and Bath too, so obviously we are virtual twins (only our mother can tall us apart). I come from south-west of London near to Richmond and Kingston. You seem remarkably well travelled for a west-coast yank ;-)... what nefarious activities were you up to in Good Ol' Blighty?

Haha, yes! I always wanted a twin. And a British one? That's like a bonus. :) Even if I only know that area because I've checked out a map.

I did a summer study session at Cambridge. It was AMAZING. I learned so many things, like: I suck at punting - as in, there's no hope for me at all, Jane Austen actually can be boring if the professor tries hard enough, books I dislike can be fascinating with a great professor, it's really easy to distract a security guard so that classmates may break into the computer lab so we don't have to walk to town to work on our papers, and "basic" student rooms are singles with fireplaces, roll-top desks, tea service, maid service, and garden views. Also, chicken is not super popular to serve at dinner, but boiled potatoes definitely are.

Edinburgh and Bath were weekend trips. Bath was lovely, and there were about a hundred balloons in the sky, which was unexpectedly but delightfully charming. And I got extremely sunburned doing a tour of Stonehenge, Avebury, and Lacock, so that by the time I went back into town, the nice people at Boots offered to help apply the aloe, and the curators (I guess?) at the Roman baths kept offering to help with my bag or a door or something. I was a total tomato, but everyone was so ridiculously nice, I would absolutely visit again. And London is London. Absolutely delightful, and very like New York, but with a MUCH cleaner (and clearer!) metro system. How much trouble did you get up to?

Wow – I can’t believe you went to Cambridge (SO much classier than Oxford). Don’t worry about the punting thing – nobody can really punt, except those guys who learn specifically to pull girls. Wait - that didn’t work on you did it? :)

Boiled potatoes – oh the nostalgia. There are still some things I can’t eat without boiling some potatoes up – lamb chops, Frey Bentos steak and kidney (yaaay – kidneys!) pie and any kind of fish in a cream sauce. *Sigh*.

I also can’t believe you got the workers at Boots to slather you with Aloe. I’d love to have seen that! I bet no-one back home even believed you could have sunburned in the UK.

Bath is beautiful – the last time I went I had made the trip specifically to shop at Duo Boots (yum) and I approached on a local road… the city nestled in the valley before me, the sun lighting all the lovely white buildings with the Roman baths overlooking them. It was beautiful – and I could easily see why all of Jane Austen’s heroines and anti-heroines went there to walk the tea rooms! Also? Great boots.

My last year in the UK was spent living in the center of London – living a thoroughly debauched life; drunken stumbling from taxis, running across the royal parks in the middle of the night shoes in hand and eating at fabulous restaurants like Nobu. So trouble? Yes. ;-)

Actually, everyone back home knows about my penchant for getting sunburned in the shade while wearing SPF 85, so they totally believed it.

However, you just made me insanely nostalgic for both Bath and London. There was the most adorable tea shop ever in Cambridge, too, that I seriously miss. So now I'm thinking road trip. You in? :)

Hell, yeah. Would it kill you to know that I have a very cute mini convertible with union jack wing mirrors? I sense it would be perfect for the trip :)

I sense that you are absolutely correct. My convertible only has normal mirrors, and now it seems really lacking.

*laughing*... but I bet you have more room for shoes in yours - mine is decidedly lacking in luggage space. Sometimes I can only travel with, like, four pairs... *sigh* :)

Haha, I think there's at least four pairs of shoes in it right now! You never know when you'll need to change your shoes, is apparently my motto. Actually, counting dance shoes... there's six pairs in my car.

This is beginning to turn into confessions that lead into interventions.

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