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So I went to RomCon this past weekend, and it was absolutely fantastic, full of hilarity and awesome times.  As with most awesome times, I went with my friend Liz.  I'm sure some of you have picked up on that recurring theme by now, since y'all strike me as a group with really great reading comprehension.  And since tons of stuff happened that I'd love to chronicle, I think I might make this a two-part post.  Or maybe three part.

Our journey started several months ago, when we wondered if there were a super girly convention that we could attend, along the lines of the Star Trek convention in Vegas, and we concluded that romance novels were just about the girliest subject about which one could convene.  So we plugged in Romance Convention into Google and discovered the inaugural RomCon this year in Denver.  It sounded like exactly what we had hoped for and we started to get giddy.  Then we saw that tickets were $125 each, plus the cost of travel, hotel, and food.  So we rethought that plan.

Fast forward a few months, and I managed to win two tickets to the event from Sue Grimshaw, the Borders Romance Blogger, on Twitter, and our summer vacation plan was back on.  The planning went through several variations, but eventually it all ended up working out, and the experience was absolutely amazing.  Have you ever imagined what it would be like to just sit, and chat, and hang out with your very favorite author(s) for hours on end?  Then take home tons of books, many of which are personalized with hilarious messages?  Then you have imagined RomCon.  It was just really great, and I'm so glad that we got the chance to go.

So I think I talked myself into making this a three-post topic, so for now I'll leave you hanging about the authors and the books, and just give you a taste of how fun and funny the actual event was by reliving it through pictures:

More hilarity to come.  Stay tuned!



What fun! Can't wait to hear more about your adventure. So, didja meet any hunky cover models? Get any pics with them? *waggles eyebrows*

Haha, it was great! But there were maybe 5 men in attendance, 4 of whom were husbands. And the other guy was kinda creepy, and I'm pretty sure he hit on everyone. Sadly, no cover models. Just that one chest in the silent auction.

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