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And the winner of this delightful prize is:

Isn't it delightful?  Look how artistically that prize is arranged on the carpet for your visual pleasure.  You're welcome.

Anyway, this post is about the winner.  So back to her.  It's:

Suze!  Congratulations!!!  If for some reason you feel unable to perform your duties as the winner (this mainly includes providing me with a mailing address and savoring sweet victory), please let me know, and a first runner up shall be selected.

Thank you everyone for participating!  Seriously.  I greatly enjoy the competition in the comments and the fact that MOST of you do the math for me.  I promise I'll do another one of these really soon.  I still have lots and lots of books from RomCon looking for a good home, I swear.



Oh, look--the Jackpot machine spelled "Linda" wrong. Again. Boy, you just can't trust those one-armed bandits. ;)

(Tee-hee. Congrats, Suze!)

In the spirit of sharezies (I'm guessing that's not just a British term)... I will ask Elizabeth to send me all of the lovely books... and then I will forward two of the books to the next person who comments after me right here.... :)

Wow! You mean I could still win something?

You just did :)

Great! Let me know a good way to get my address to you -- either email or Twitter DM works for me. :)

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