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Remember how I said we'd do the next contest on Monday?  Remember how I didn't quite specify which Monday?  Yeah... sorry about that.  Anyway, at Suze's request, we're going to do historical romances next, which means the prize is:

Ta-da!  These books.  Including:

- Laura Kinsale's The Prince of Midnight
- Laura Kinsale's Uncertain Magic
- Laura Kinsale's Midsummer Moon
- Laura Kinsale's Seize the Fire

And the good news is that since Tawna won these in the last contest (which is nicely fitting since they're from her own Sourcebooks), you likely won't have to compete against her apparently extremely formidable luck.  The rules are as follows:

1. Leave me an email address in the comments of this entry at which to contact you if you win. This one's important, guys.  And the only step that's actually required. (+1 point) [Note: If you feel uncomfortable leaving your email address, just let me know an alternative method of contacting you. Like Twitter DM or something.  That's a perfectly acceptable substitute.]

2. Follow this blog. (Already a follower? +2 points!! New follower? The link's in the column to the right. +1 And hey, welcome!)

3. Follow me on Twitter. (Already a follower? +3 points! If you're new? +2!)

4. Tweet this contest. (+1 point - I'll go with the honor system here. You don't need to provide a link.  But you can do this step as many times as you like.  No, really, you can.  Don't let me limit you.)

5. Blog about this or otherwise write something getting the word out. (+4 points!)  And I have to say, I really enjoyed y'all's blogs last time.

6.  Add up all your points for me. (+1 point)

That means you can have a max of twelve entries/points in the contest, or a minimum of one.  Make sense?  If you do something that's worth more points, cool!  Delete your earlier comment with your old points total, and make a new comment with your new points total.

By entering into the contest, you agree that you are over the age of 13.  Also the contest is limited to the United States and Canada (Sorry, other international friends.  I am hoping to win the lottery soon, and at such time shipping will no longer be a concern.  So here's hoping I win soon.  For your sakes.).  Contest opens now, and ends Wednesday, August 18th, at 5:00 pm PST



It seems only fair that I'm the first commenter since I suggested the genre! I'm up to 6 points and hope to have more later! Thanks :)
Twitter @scwine

Ha! Like I'm gonna let anyone win uncontested. Count me in. I already follow you on Twitter and here on your blog. And I'll tweet it. I think that puts me at 7 points.

Oh, and DM me if I win. I won't hold my breath. ;)

Linda won't appreciate winning unless one of us gives her token competition.

No, really, Charles. I'm okay without competition. My ego can take it, I promise. ;) *lusts after Kinsale books*

Thanks, guys! If you check out the stickers on the books--or, not stickers, but sticker-like circles--you'll see that the prize is worth about $40. That is totally worth fighting over. So please do carry on. Thanks!

I've tweeted and that makes me a seven pointer now :)

You know I covet books right?

So put me down for 100 points. What, that's cheating? Um..okay, I can live with that.

Besides...Linda does not deserve to win. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do. I am only looking out for you. I promise.

Suze: Awesome!

Kelly: I absolutely believe you.

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i'm up to 7.5 points. twitter (follower and tweeted about contest) + you can DM me WHEN i win + did some math. how'd i get that 1/2 a point, you ask? well, i follow your blog, but on my google reader, not on blogspot. so i credited myself half. seems fair.

Wow - Abby IS fair! So, in that spirit... I will be slipping in a little blog entry tonight which should top me out at 12 points. I thought it only fair to warn all the other competitors out there. See? All is fair in love and war. And books contests.

Haha, you can have a full 8 points, Abby! I never specified where you have to follow me from. Plus it would just be confusing if Ab won.

Here's my post for the full dozen points :)


I think that's the first time ever I've maxed out on points. I'm so excited, I'm not even sure I'll mind if I don't win!

Oh, fun contest! I added you to my sidebar. Although, I realize it's ending today....

It's a pleasure to stumble across the many tweets highlighting your blog! It seems like everybody has a good time here. I'm at 5 lovely points. Best of luck at winning the lottery! I'm waiting for golden coins to rain down from the sky.


Yum. Books. I'm book hungry (grins).

Put me down! I follow and I tweeted. Yay!

Carolina: Thank you! And no worries. Again, you know precisely how to bribe me. (Totally kidding, for the record. Though I still really think Halo and Firelight will show to their best advantage on my bookshelf.)

Mercedes: Hi! Nice to meet you! Please be careful and wear a helmet when your coins rain from the sky. I got hit by a falling penny once, and it seriously hurt. But then again, Uncle Scrooge never seemed to suffer any ill effects while diving in his vault, so you'll probably be okay.

Patty: Who is seriously psyched for tomorrow? Oh, right, us!

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