RomCon! Books Edition - BIG OL' CONTEST - WINNER!

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All right, it's time to announce the winner of my first giant book giveaway.  As a refresher, the prize to be won is the following:

I used this web site to pick the winner because it looked like the most fun.  (Apologies if your name wasn't capitalized.  After entering everyone 10 times, or however many points you had, my fingers started getting tired).  So without further ado, the winner is:

Tawna Fenske!  It seems crazy since she's bragged about how lucky she is in the past, and yet, apparently it's not bragging when it's true.  Congrats, Tawna!  I'm sending you an email now.

Thank you so much for entering, everyone!  I seriously appreciated it, and it was really fun for me to do, but I do apologize that I set it up so that we all had to wait for way too long.  Next mini contest is a historical romance one, and will have a much quicker turnaround, promise.  That should go up on Monday.



Aw, shucks. I almost feel bad about winning again.

Not bad enough to decline the books, of course :)

Thanks so much! I can't wait to get my hands on those little treasures...


Admit it. You "forgot" to include my entries, didn't you? I'm crushed.

Seriously, congratulations, Tawna! If it couldn't be me, I'm glad it went to a fellow member of the Wolf Pack. :)

Tawna: No guilt! Winning is awesome! And the books are totally pretty and fat free.

Linda: Typing your name is what tired out my shift finger.

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