It's My Birthday!

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Hi! It's my birthday, so I have a very busy day planned, which includes fun things like shopping, books, movies, manicures, makeup, killer unicorns, happily taking a day off work, going out to dinner with my mom, and closing out the day with some awesome Vampire Diaries flashback action!  I believe this is referred to as a perfect day.  And I am psyched.

But I'm also still a little unsure about how I'd like to celebrate it with friends.  Should I make everyone come with me to paint some pottery?  But that gets expensive and then you have to go back to pick up your masterpiece.  I can't do anything at my house, since my best friend is allergic to my kitties.  Should I make everyone go to the park and ride the carousel and sit at a picnic table and eat cake?  But then you're opening yourself up to be subjected to wandering mariachi bands (no, I'm not sure why they solicit people at the park for money, but it is very awkward to tell them that you're uninterested and make them go away.).  I'm leaning the most towards having everybody meet up for brunch at this nice restaurant that overlooks the valley, where you can sit for hours outside (or inside, but why would you?) eating delicious buffet foods (served with champagne!  That way you know it's fancy.), which is also a little expensive, but has the added bonus of being time-flexible, which is a serious plus in a terrible traffic town like this. 

So I'd like to solicit your opinions.  What's the most fun birthday party you've ever attended, either your own or a friend's?




The champagne brunch idea sounds lovely to me. If you can't indulge on your birthday, when can you?

The most fun birthday party I ever attended was for the little boy across the street. It wasn't fancy at all, but there were PONIES. 'Nuff said.

(Okay, yes, I was an adult, and technically it was my kids who were the guests. But I still went & had a blast, even if I was too big to actually ride the ponies.)

Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day :-)

I actually have terrible luck with birthdays, so I can't think of any good ones per se. I guess for me good birthdays are the ones that don't involve me breaking a finger, going to the ER, recovering from rupturing an appendix, losing my cat, starting the first day of high school, missing out on horseback riding due to the previously-mentioned broken finger, and so on.

Hope your birthday is awesome! I will be celebrating in your honor by watching vampire diaries tonight :-D Well I was going to do that anyway. But PRETEND it's for your birthday.

Again - happy birthday!! The killer unicorns sound like they'll be a treat. (And I can't wait for the good flashback action tonight either!)

I think the champagne brunch sounds awesome. My friend did that last weekend and I had a lot of fun. I also love getting dressed up and going out, so the best birthday I've been to was over spring break, when we were in Vegas. See if you can pull that one off ...

Happy Birthday (again)! What a lovely day you have planned.

My hubby actually hosted a really fun party for my 40th. I was pregnant, so I wasn't really in to the whole thing. Plus, it was the big 4-0! But he threw a great party. The theme was Recreate 68. There was a costume contest. Trivia challenge. He put together a playlist of music from that year. Everyone had a blast, including me. It was the most fun I'd had at a party that didn't involve drinking. ;)

Now as a kid, I had some cool parties. In elementary school my parents took my friends and I on a train. We rode it out to the next stop and then back. We thought it was the coolest thing ever.

They also threw me a semi-formal Sweet 16 party on a riverboat on the MIssissippi River. Yeah, they spoiled me. Didn't get a car, though. :(

Hope its a great one!

Happy Birthday!

Ohhhhh - Happy Birthday... had I known I would have made an extra special effort to get your swag in the mail :( It will have to be belated swag. Brunch sounds awesome and if I were 3000 miles to the left of where I am now, I totally would have crashed that. Have a lovely birthday!

Thanks so much, everyone!!!! Sorry I've been insanely busy and haven't touched the internet in days.

Linda: I promise to get all ponies at my party sloshed on champagne. I swear.

Katherine: I usually have really terrible luck too, to the point where I had a bit of a complex about it for a little while. But I must say that I appreciate the sacrifice you're making of sitting through the awesome Vampire Diaries for my sake. You're definitely a giver. :)

Emily: Well, Vegas isn't that far...I'll do it if you promise to come. Otherwise, champagne brunch it is.

Elizabeth: May I hire your family as party planners? That would be really great because those all sound like fantastic ideas.

Kelly: You have done a phenomenal job of spreading the birthday cheer across online mediums, and for that I thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart.

Suze: Aww, thanks! You're totally invited in any case, but no worries. Free stuff is fun to get in the mail, no matter when it arrives.

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