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I AM SO EXCITED! I seriously love this show.  I missed the first two episodes last year (because I was busy getting pushed around by nuns and discovering Italian delicacies like French fry pizza), caught the third, thought it was all right, watched the fourth episode...and was completely hooked by the end.  I hesitated to tell people at first because I never thought I'd get into yet another vampire show after Buffy and Angel, but the fourth episode wasn't a fluke.  From that point on, the show has been a solid, shocking, awesome, heartbreaking, and gorgeous roller coaster of fun.

I'm really into Stefan, who's surprisingly emotionally mature for a 162 year old vampire attending high school (I'm actually being serious right now).  He's tortured and gorgeous, as is the law,  but he also has a dry sense of humor and a genuine need to be a good person.  I love that he does what's right because it's what's right, NOT because he thinks it's something that his girlfriend would want him to do.  Though she would, of course, since she's a genuinely nice person herself.  But he's complete in himself and has committed to his beliefs for a very long time.

But even better than enjoying the super hot male lead?  I'm really into the female lead too!  Elena genuinely cares about her family.  She even has friends, that she actually hangs out with sometimes, and she genuinely cares about them too!  Crazy, I know.  And even better than that?  The people on this show actually communicate with each other.

I know I just blew your mind, so I'll give you all a moment to recover.

Yes, there are secrets galore, and sometimes they write things that they shouldn't in their diaries, but when the going gets tough, and the stupid would keep things to themselves in order to land themselves in deeper trouble later?  Yeah, these characters actually talk about things, take backup, notice when something seems like a bit too much of a coincidence, and because it bears repeating: they actually talk to each other.  Just like real people would!  I love it.

And the entire cast is fabulous.  Okay, so sometimes I get a little bored with Elena's younger brother Jeremy, but considering the fact that within a very short period of time -- meaning just about a year -- he's lost his parents and, not just one, but two girlfriends (lost them as in all four are dead, not misplaced.  Just to be clear.)...I'll forgive him for being emo.  But I just hope he knocks it off with the self-medicating soon because it's hard to watch.

Then there's Matt, Elena's genuinely-a-good-guy ex, whom she's friends with because they've been friends their whole lives, and because she's actually a smart girl and dated a nice boy.  There's her best friend Bonnie, who's gorgeous, tough, and -- she recently discovered -- a witch.  Caroline, who by rights should be nothing more than just the usual blonde vampire bait, who knows nothing about the supernatural world all around her, is so delightfully charming that she ably represents the human population and why they should be protected.  There's Tyler, with all those tantalizing anvils dropped all over the place that he's either a werewolf or about to become one.  And finally, there's Damon, fun fun (pretty!) Damon, who, much as he wishes he didn't, has a good heart buried deep -- really really deep -- beneath his sardonic vampire exterior.  As much as he protests any goodness, as little patience as he has with his brother Stefan's human ways, he's a better person than he wants to be, for all the murder and truly horrific crimes he may commit.

Oh yeah, that's the other thing: Bad guys on this show?  They're actually bad, but so often complex.  And there are a number of guest stars that I fell in love with over the course of one episode that I wish we could have back, but we can't.  Because when you're dealing with vampires, sometimes death, and the sheer finality of it, needs to be made explicitly, heartbreakingly, clear.  And evil is evil and shouldn't be discounted.

The pacing of this show is one of its biggest charms.  It's so ridiculously fast that often you look up at a commercial break and can't believe how little time has passed because there's so much that has already happened.  It's truly delightful.

So yes, this is not just another vampire show with a love triangle at the center (It's kinda a love quadrangle, for all that Elena and Katherine look identical...).  It's a complex, messy, romantic, family drama with all kinds of twists and turns and heartbreak and betrayal.  Plus vampires!  They're like your gift with purchase.  Repercussions and hurt feelings that linger over the decades can get surprisingly messy, it turns out.

And now Katherine the awesomely badass vampire who started it all when she thought "hey, why choose between two pretty pretty brothers when I can have them both?  Forever?" is back.  And I cannot wait to see what she does.  Especially since, as Elena's ancestor and doppelganger, she has a lot of avenues open to her to seriously mess with everyone however she sees fit.

Um, so what are you guys all doing tonight?  Because I'll be hanging out with my TV and the CW around 8:00 to enjoy the premiere.

These pictures are included to entice you, so that I have a wider circle of acquaintances with which to discuss my favorite pretty show.  Just so we're all clear.



Okay, I admit I've never seen this show. Love Buffy, Angel, and Trueblood, but do I really need to add another blood-sucking cast to my TV-watching list?

After reading this post, I'm thinking maybe yes...

I'm thinking DEFINITELY YES. :) I actually like Vampire Diaries better than True Blood. True Blood is certainly more cracktastic, but I think Vampire Diaries has more sincere heart to it.

Plus, we ended the season with SPOILER Katherine coming back and chopping off Elena's Uncle/biological father's fingers and thus removing the ring that prevents him from being killed, and then Katherine stabbed him, and he realized it was Katherine and not Elena in the kitchen with him because he has a serious hate on for vampires and as poorly as he and Elena relate to each other, she would never stab him. Plus Katherine kissed Damon, and Damon thought it was Elena, but it wasn't! And Jeremy's upstairs committing suicide by vampire blood, and Elena just walked into the house with NO IDEA, but she hears something clatter in the kitchen and she's heading that way... and then we faded to black. Until tonight! END SPOILER.

It's all very exciting.

Oh I love True Blood much more...BUT, I do love me some Ian (Damon)...so I watch VD. (he is HOT) *fans self* I mean, both the brothers are hot, but Ian...double YUM.

It fills in the gap when TB is off season quite nicely. :)

Haha, I dislike certain characters enough that it kinda poisons the raunchy ridiculousness of the rest of the show for me. But after awhile, I quit enjoying the books too. It just got boring.

But Vampire Diaries? Still in fine, fine form last night.

i keep hearing about this show. perhaps i shall add season 1 to my netflix. and then season 2 once it's over because, clearly, i've already missed too much....

Do it!! It's so good. And you've only missed one episode of this season... This is what TiVo and the internet are for. If you lived closer, I'd sit you down and do a marathon weekend so you'd be all caught up, but alas, apparently that's not meant to be.

However, the show? Rocks my socks. I'm so excited about the new episode tonight.

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