Hey, guys.

So it's been pointed out to me that I haven't blogged since October.  Honestly, I haven't written much of anything since October, including tweets, which has made me feel a bit guilty, but not guilty enough to find the time to continue blogging more regularly.  But I'm finally feeling like things are back under control, so I think it's time to return to blogging spontaneously and irregularly, just like in the good old days.  So here's what you missed, in picture form:

I went to my cousin's wedding in Atlanta, which was a fun whirlwind of two days of cross-country travel.  I don't think I slept at all the entire time, since I hadn't seen most of the family in attendance in almost ten years.  The highlight was definitely getting to meet (finally!) my little cousins though.  They are ridiculously adorable.  And now I know for sure that the rumors are true and I'm not the only girl anymore.  It only took 21 years, but the wait was worth it.  (P.S. I didn't do my hair, a very nice, but overworked girl did it.  So I'm not responsible for the slightly lopsided dome thing.)  Incidentally, these are the last pictures of me with glasses, since five days later I had LASIK surgery done.

LASIK, by the way, is both cooler than I expected it to be, but also required more extensive recovery time than I had thought.  It really is surgery.  On your eyeballs.  Lasers or not, there's recuperating that needs to happen, and it takes three months for them to be fully healed.  Which means that I can finally rub at my eyes when they get tired in four days!  Yay!  That has been torture.  What has not been torture is the fact that I have 20/15 vision.  20/10 if I squint slightly.  THAT PART IS AWESOME.

Halloween was fun because it was the first day I was allowed to wear makeup again.  Of course, I had to kind of rejigger my costume a bit since the construction was bananas and it was impossible to put it on without tearing it a bit.  Apparently I wasn't the only one with that complaint, though, and the Disney store was cool enough to give me a refund.  Although they also promised some store credit that never came.  But allow me to give you this cautionary tale: as cute as the live-action Alice costume looks in pictures?  It is NOT worth it.  I mean, the underskirt is actually made of that paper fabric from which vacuum cleaner bags are made.  That is the kind of quality materials were talking about here.  Also, even wearing that, it is still possible to see your underpants, so...you know, caveat emptor and all that. 

And finally, Christmas!  Which is also known as THE HAPPIEST TIME OF YEAR in kitty land:

There was not a single present, drop of water, or blade of pine that they didn't lick, I don't think.  They heart Christmas with a sort of single-minded intensity that's terrifying, but also admirable in its commitment and focus.  So that was exciting.  But I started a new tradition this year of making a bunch of ornaments -- I invited friends over to help -- and it might be my new favorite Christmas tradition:

Check out that awesome rendition of Bonecrusher that my BFF Liz made for me.  You can't see it, but she also gave him a butt bow.  So awesome.

So what's new with all of you guys?  I hope the holidays treated you well.  Do you happen to remember where I left all of my writing motivation, by any chance?  Thanks, if so!  I've been looking for it everywhere.



it seems like you've been busy in your absence from the blogesphere, so i guess we can forgive you because HOORAY, you're spontaneously and irregularly back!!!

You came to ATL, how fun! I live there ...

Do you like having 20/15, or does it throw you off? I have been wanting Lasik for years now. I'm currently too chicken to get it though.

Hey, is that really you? Good to see you back here!

Cool about the lasik. I've considered it, but I am such a wimp about my eyes.

Don't be a stranger, okay? :)

Thanks, Abby! I appreciate it more than I can say from the bottom of my spontaneous and irregular heart.

Katie: If only I had gotten the surgery pre-wedding, I could've seen you with my new hawk-like vision! It's totally magical. And weird. Like, I can make out individual windows and balconies and things on homes in the mountains from the street below (like, actual miles away), and it feels a little bit like being a superhero. But I find that the strangest thing is that I just keep looking for things that are far away and testing myself like, "Look how far that is! And I can see it!" It's also interesting how little anxiety I have driving in unfamiliar areas at night because I know that so long as I can find where a street sign is, I will be able to read it. I don't think I was consciously aware of quite how much that would stress me out previously. It's very cool how much clearer everything is when you look at it without a sheet of glass between it and you, though. But I COMPLETELY understand the anxiety. I'll probably write up the experience and post it in a bit, but it was not without its freaky moments. But overall, it was definitely worth it.

Linda: Hi! It's a deal.

Oh, I love this post. I feel all caught up. :) Congrats on your new vision.

Happy 2011!

Aww! Thanks, Lola! Happy 2011 to you too!

Ornament making is a fun tradition in our family too. Makes it even better the next year when you come back and see them again.

Kelly, I know exactly what you mean. Though I hope they all still make sense next year. I mean, we have one that's the "ornament of a killer," all sparkles and fangs, another that celebrates double rainbows all the way, etc. They're totally awesome though.


That is all.

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